The <span>CIRODD</span>

Who we are?

Arising from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologie (FRQNT) and the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC), CIRODD is the first strategic group in sustainable development in Québec.

CIRODD is a research, development and reference centre in the operationalization of sustainable development, whose mission is to accelerate the transformation of society in order to support the socio-environmental transition through sustainable innovation and transdisciplinarity. It has adopted ambitious trans- and interdisciplinary objectives that generate unprecedented synergies between researchers from various disciplines and actors in the field.

This essential social transformation will unfold through research and the implementation of collaborative approaches, tools and methods, capitalizing on the potential of technological breakthroughs and directly integrating the needs, objectives and aspirations of actors in the field. CIRODD catalyzes, enlightens, advises, mobilizes and supports decision-makers and society stakeholders in making decisions based on the best scientific knowledge and practices.

CIRODD’s vision is to catalyze the vital forces in science, governance, and the various stakeholders through major transdisciplinary projects, with the goal of making Québec society significantly more sustainable by 2025.

CIRODD also strives to be recognized at the local and international levels as a key research, development and reference centre; to have its members recognized for their valuable, relevant scientific productions; and to see the people trained within its ecosystem transform practices at the organizations that hire them.

Strategic directions:

  • Implement and coordinate a sustainable innovation ecosystem that encompasses scientists and actors from the field, as well as citizens.
  • Train a new generation of highly qualified staff to master the approaches and tools associated with transdisciplinarity and sustainable innovation.
  • Contribute to generating and disseminating high-level knowledge and act as an international reference centre.
  • Support and value the work and results of individuals involved in transdisciplinary research projects.
  • Boost the efforts of our partners and the various groups, consortiums and research networks in terms of operationalizing sustainable development.

Strategic objectives:

    1.1 Meet FRQ requirements regarding the group’s performance indicators and reporting
    1.2 Ensure effective internal management processes that respect the team’s capacities
    1.3 Establish and coordinate effective and innovative shared governance mechanisms (academic constellation and internal committees)
    1.4 Restructure and administer the support program to ensure it meets members’ needs and leverages transdisciplinary projects
    2.1 Be a key strategic group for the professional advancement of our members and their students
    2.2 Become a recognized reference in the operationalization of sustainable development and in social transformation
    2.3 Be a credible scientific voice in sustainable development and a go-to contact/platform for decision-makers, media and communities
    2.4 Partner and collaborate with organizations that improve the quality and usefulness of our network for our members and that expand their reach both locally and internationally
    3.1 Promote the emergence and development of some twenty significant, transformational transdisciplinary projects over six years
    3.2 Increase the amount of funding for operations, dissemination/transfer, and per project
    3.3 Build a team with experience in project management, leading collective processes, and providing support
    3.4 Develop innovative training initiatives based on key competencies, transdisciplinarity, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

CIRODD’s projects are carried out jointly by researchers and actors in the field. They are supported by the CIRODD team, which oversees liaison, transfer, communication, facilitation, and animation tasks to create interdisciplinary communities that respond to the various challenges associated with the operationalization of sustainable development.

The expertise of CIRODD’s members is grouped under three main axes:

  • Evaluation, Design and Integration »»»
  • Systemic Approaches and Accelerators »»»
  • Collaboration with Players in the Field »»»