Systemic Approaches and Accelerators

Systemic Approaches and Accelerators

The objective of Axis 2 is to be a catalyst in society’s transition by mobilizing knowledge, methods and tools resulting from the most innovative approaches and breakthroughs, associated with unifying themes (circular economy and interdisciplinarity) and accelerators (computational methods for sustainability and green and responsible ICT).

This axis consists of four objectives:

  • Develop models, measurements, strategies and tools for a transition to a circular economy;
  • Anchor all CIRODD activities within interdisciplinarity and produce one or more innovative models to operationalize sustainable development;
  • Generate integration and adoption models for green and responsible ICT to accelerate society’s transition;
  • Provide fundamental models based on abstraction mechanisms, made possible through emerging computational methods, to help generate more systemic private and public decision-making frameworks.


Axis co-directors: